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Company profile

Jiangsu Sanniu Electrical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive business dedicated to R&D, distribution and construction of thermal control, media flow control and automation control systems. Our products are widely used in oil, chemical, metallurgical, power, fermentation, water conservancy, environment protection, light industry, foods processing, refrigeration, building construction, coal gas, agricultural products processing & production and many other industries.

Since its founding, ours has been contributing to the development of meters & instruments industry in China. With accumulated experience and a growing team of senior engineers and specialists as well as advanced technologies introduced from abroad, we have been making constant efforts in innovation and have developed our full and complete technologies for field meters & instruments, integrated meters & instruments, metering instruments, specialty cables, pipe fittings & valves for meters & instruments, thermal control, etc. To better meet our clients’ needs & requirements, we also serve as agent in the supply of some well-known American, Japanese and German products. With our mature & complete technologies, products of reliable & premium quality and fully-developed after-sales system, we have won the trust and favor of our clients.

We warmly welcome you and are ready to be a good partner of yours with our efficient and high quality services. We anticipate a full and close cooperation with you.